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Students seeking local business projects

We’re looking for local businesses who would benefit from free insight from our enthusiastic and innovative teams of students.

As part of their final module, our students can help your business with marketing-related projects such as expansion plans, competitor analysis or promoting a new service/product.

If this is something that you think your business could benefit from, please contact Dr Nadia Lonsdale.

example of students presenting

Students presenting expansion ideas on behalf of a local business.

How it works

As part of their course, our students have to complete a final project to demonstrate their learning in a practical way.

If the students have chosen to take a placement year, this project is related to their placement employer, if they have chosen not to take a paid placement, then they need to find a project.

Each year we partner with local organisations to provide our students with real clients and real business issues and providing free advice through the results of these projects to those partners.

What’s in it for my business?

Free business advice! We’ll provide teams of students to work with you to develop, deliver and report upon a project for your business.

You might want to investigate a particular activity or direction; test something out with customers/clients; run a survey; or carry out some marketing, assess the market, benchmark against competitors, suppliers, develop advertising or marketing campaign; or consider how to adjust to the “New normal”.

Students will be working in small groups with your business to work on a project for 30hrs per student (180 hours in total, excluding writing up and feeding back time), so this is quite a useful resource for organisations to take advantage of. Your organisation will also receive a report to help you act upon the final recommendations.

MSc Management Students presenting at Dragon's Den

‘The Expandables’. Their pitch advised a local vegetarian shoe company on the best approach to expanding internationally.

What’s in it for students?

Real clients and practical experience help final year students develop their employability and project management skills through the completion of a business project.

Our students will also be supported to deliver this project by their experienced academic supervisors and the University’s Active Student Volunteering Service.

When do the projects need to take place?

The projects will need to take place from 10 February to end May 2021 and ideally are with businesses local to the Brighton and Hove area.

How do I submit a business idea?

We are keen to provide business/research support to a variety of projects so please run any ideas by us. If your project looks suitable, we’ll ask you to provide a Project Brief and complete further paperwork so that we can look to allocating a ‘Client Team’ to you based on what you need and what students are able to deliver.

Contact Dr Nadia Lonsdale by end November for more information and to register your interest.

Previous projects:

  • Surveys for a community rail partnership; a University department; and small businesses
  • Evaluating careers and employment guidance tools
  • Creating a business plan for an organisation that had recently become a charity (from a community group) – the business plan the students created helped the organisation gain a year’s funding for their local project
  • Developing a loyalty rewards scheme for an eco car-wash, and a craft company
  • A digital marketing plan and trial for a restaurant
  • Social Media Plan
  • An employee handbook for a local bakery
  • Product testing new software
  • Evaluating and enhancing the digital marketing strategy for a boutique
  • Creating a marketing plan and social media engagement plan for a public sector body
  • Running events
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Clare Prust • November 2, 2020

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