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Brighton professor devises cryptocurrency rating system

A rating system to help investors find the most profitable cryptocurrency is about to be launched following breakthrough research by a University of Brighton professor.

‘The Bridge’ was devised by Professor Andros Gregoriou, Professor of Finance at the University’s Brighton Business School, be applied to over 5,000 cryptocurrencies to identify the most profitable ones for investors to put their money behind.

Professor Gregoriou said: “The system we have developed is essential to the future of cryptocurrencies. We use a combination of AI and traditional financial models to credit rate all cryptocurrencies and exchanges. This will ultimately provide investors of all levels with the confidence to make smart decisions about their asset allocations in cryptocurrencies.”

The Bridge is to be launched by, a UK company formed in 2019. The company said ithe system is based on six core factors that assess a wide range of financial risks and variables including liquidity, market momentum, systematic risk, investment and profitability along with the calculated peak to end value.

Matthew Dixon, Co-Founder and CEO, said: “Digital currencies and blockchain are the future of our global financial systems. While Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that grabs all the headlines there are actually thousands of other cryptocurrency assets in circulation on leading investment exchanges. With so much choice often comes confusion and the role we want to play is to help investors identify the assets that have strong business cases and liquidity.” will launch its final round of investment funding on the ZBX cryptocurrency exchange platform on 15 July and unveil its cryptocurrency ratings platform later this year.

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Clare Prust • July 2, 2020

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