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Jasmin’s lockdown tips to stay healthy

On of our law students has become a social media hit during the lockdown by combing study secrets with exercise tips.

Jasmin Brown has attracted more than 2,000 Instagram and 430 Youtube followers with her philosophy that a healthy living – including power lifts in her garden – boosts the ability to study.

Jasmin exercisingShe said: “Staying fit helps me keep mentally focused and stimulated – and it’s a great stress reliever come exams time.”

Jasmin, a 23-year-old keep fit instructor, is coming to the end of her first year studying Law LLB(Hons) at the University of Brighton. With finals fast approaching – online – she has used Instagram to show fellow student how she is approaching what will be ‘open book’ exams – tests that allow student to have text or material they have been using with them.

She said: “I hope it’s proves as useful as my keep fit advice – I firmly believe combining them keeps both body and mind in tip-top condition.”

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Clare Prust • May 19, 2020

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