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In a recent interview with Sussex Chamber of Commerce’s member magazine Business Edge, our Creativity in Enterprise module leader, David Foster, highlights common symptoms of a business working sub-optimally, affecting staff morale:

  • environmental – the cleanliness of the working environment, desk-space, availability of parking etc.
  • emotional – the absence of camaraderie, or not feeling valued
  • cultural – low levels of discretionary effort, or high levels of absence or staff turnover

Root causes

Every company is unique, so the reasons for dysfunction differ from one organisaton to the next, particularly when they operate in different industries. However, David suggests that one common cause could be the relationships between people, particularly where barriers to communication are high.


David stresses that everyone, regardless of their role or ‘level’, can positively affect organisational change through sharing with colleagues how relevant symptoms make them feel and what changes they’d like to see. This allows people to work together on how improvements could be made.

By trusting colleagues with feelings, employees can lower barriers to communication within their area, thus building trust and hopefully causing a ripple-effect in other areas to the benefit of the entire organistion.

You can read the full article here:

About David

David Foster is our Module Leader for Creativity in Enterprise, an innovative module available to second-year students as an optional module on our undergraduate business degrees.

As well as developing our students’ knowledge of academic theory, David uses his own business, Rally Strategic, a ‘people, development and change’ consultancy, to bring commercial experience to his teaching -bridging the world of academia with practical application.

You can follow David on twitter: @FosterRuns


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Clare Prust • July 17, 2017

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