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Working with Jellyfish on digital transformation

There’s no doubt that the internet has changed our lives, both in terms of societies and businesses – but how this will evolve is an exciting concept. Working with leading businesses in this field helps us understand the potential impact of digital transformation on the world and informs the courses we teach.

Jellyfish representatives with lecturers in their offices

Lecturers with Jellyfish representatives in their offices on level 22 of The Shard, London.

We recently met with digital marketing specialist, Jellyfish. Discussions kicked off at the iconic 72-storey ‘vertical city’ known as The Shard in London last Thursday, between our Digital Transformation Research group and digital marketing agency Jellyfish.

Through wide-ranging discussions about the ways digital technology is transforming business and society, an exciting plan of how to work together was hatched:

  1. Guest lectures
    Jellyfish will be coming to our school to discuss Digital Marketing and how it is changing the face of business. These are expected to be available for all students in autumn 2017 and spring 2018.
  2. Digital Marketing and Digital Employability workshop
    The support we offer students extends beyond their degree. Our relationship with students does not end when they graduate, and we’re delighted that Jellyfish will be running a half-day workshop for 30 recent alumni from the Business School.
    The workshop will provide industry insights by key Jellyfish speakers, skills activities and coaching into seeking work in the digital marketing sector for attendees.
  3. Research
    Our Digital Transformation Research Group and Jellyfish will collaborate on some of our current research projects. This is an amazing opportunity for the school to conduct in-depth interviews with practitioner experts from Jellyfish, drawing on their experiences and knowledge. Areas of interest include research into:
  • The relationship between use of social media, identity and finding work
  • Best practice and innovation in digital marketing
  • Digital convergence and the entertainment industry
Picture of two lecturers outside The Shard.

Lecturers Stuart Francis (left) and Asher Rospigliosi (right), members of the Digital Transformation Research Group, outside The Shard.

About the Digital Transformation Research Group

The Digital Transformation Research Group at Brighton Business School is interested in a range of ways that the Internet is transforming business and society. We conduct research into:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet Business / e-commerce
  • Big Data and Society
  • Digital marketing research with a focus on the entertainment industry
  • Graduate employability and the new-vocationalism
  • Digital self-presentation and social media

Find out more about digital transformation research group on their blog

If you want to get involved, please contact Asher Rospigliosi

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Clare Prust • May 10, 2017

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