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Tania Murphy on soft skills and industrial placements

Tania Murphy graduated from Brighton Business School with a BA in Business Studies in 2009. She explains how this experience led her to her current role as a Credit Analyst for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Being a Brighton Business School graduate has been the biggest professional blessing tania-murphyin my career. The curriculum and tutors there were outstanding and not just in the academic context. The industrial placement offered me the opportunity to work in a professional environment, it was from this experience where I learned that developing my soft skills was equally as important as academic achievements. I was lucky to be assigned a tutor who patiently helped me develop my writing skills, something that I still need to this day in my career.

Since graduation, I have been working across the banking sector in the City of London. I started in Lloyds Banking Group as I held a part time job there when I was in Brighton, I took an opportunity to work Corporate Banking. From there I moved to Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ in the Risk Management Division within Structured Finance, where I was awarded EMEA Operational Excellence Award in 2013. Bank of America Merrill Lynch then presented me with a good opportunity within their Wholesale Credit division and a year later, another opportunity was presented to me in Singapore. I have now lived in Singapore for a year and loving the different working cultures and the city. Hopefully, the trend will continue and there will be many more opportunities in the years to come.

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Joshua Callarman • May 4, 2017

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