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Brighton students in University Business Challenge semi-final

The University Business Challenge (UBC) is a country-wide competition where teams are tested on their understanding of business operations, making interactive decisions for a company in an attempt to be the most profitable team.

The competition started back in October, where I and two other course mates formed our group. We decided to take part as we felt it was a great opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge we had obtained during our time at Brighton University to a competitive scenario where we would really be tested outside of our degree.

The first round of the competition spanned over six weeks, where we competed against seven different teams within our group, all of whom were representing various universities from around the country. To be effective, it required a thought-out strategy and an understanding of how external changes can affect the business environment. Each week these changes often kept us on our toes, and without the knowledge that we have obtained on our course it would have been a lot harder to be effective.

At the end of the of the six weeks we were the most successful team within our group and as a result are going to a semi-final in London on the 14th of March, where we will compete against other successful teams.

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Stuart Wylie • March 14, 2017

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