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Barker Talent – How to get the Job you want

Barker Talent,

As part of the Business School’s Career Planning Agreement, which is embedded into every undergraduate course, we carry out various events to support students who wish to take up a placement.

On 28 February, Sarah Barker, from Barker Talent advised our second-year Finance and Investment BSc students on how to get the job they want.

Many employers increasingly say that they want graduates who have practical work experience as well as academic credentials. Work placements, therefore have a very important role in helping students to secure a good job after they graduate.

The recruitment process for work placements very much mirrors the processes for full-time graduate roles and as such the one-to-one interview is a key component of graduate recruitment activity. Students need to prepare well for job interviews and with this in mind, we invited Sarah Barker of Barker Talent to share her expertise with our second year BSc Finance and Investment undergraduates.

Sarah’s presentation ‘Winning at Interviews’ covered much key ground and she gave our undergraduates lots of useful advice. Key points included:

  • Enjoy the interview process; look happy to be there, be enthusiastic
  • Do your preparation; it goes without saying that you should research the company but do your research on the interviewer too
  • Write down some adjectives to describe yourself; tell ‘your story’; be memorable
  • Anticipate potential questions; prepare some questions for the interviewer
  • It’s ok to be nervous – a good interviewer will put you at ease
  • Be yourself!

Feedback received from the students included the following comments:

  • Very good, very interesting, glad to sit, hear and listen
  • Thanks Sarah. You were great and helped a lot!
  • Very informative. Learned a lot.
  • A lot of good advice that I will put towards my interview process
  • Very helpful and insightful on how to prepare for an interview
  • Very helpful and informative on interview techniques
  • Helpful; learned more about how to be in an interview
  • Very useful

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Jela Webb • March 3, 2017

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