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Top project management tips from Insight Software

Susan Trapp from Insight Software, speaking to business students.

On 18 January, Susan Trapp from Insight Software, shared her extensive experiences of successful project management with students.

Susan left students with four top tips on project management:

  1. to start with the why
  2. plan out the work using a Work Breakdown Structure
  3. create a RACI structure
  4. and to use a Gantt chart to manage the work.

1. Start with the Why

  • Objective: Why are we doing this?
  • Stakeholders: Who is paying for the project?
  • Scope: What is included and what isn’t

2. Learn how to create a Work Breakdown Structure


3. Then from your work breakdown structure create a  RACI table

  • Responsible: The Doer
  • Accountable: The buck stops here
  • Consulted: In the Loop
  • Informed: Kept in the picture

4. And finally use a Gantt chart to keep to a timeplan. 





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Clare Prust • January 23, 2017

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