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Matt Boucher: Proud to be a graduate of Brighton Business School

Matt Boucher, BA (Hons) International Business

Matt Boucher, BA (Hons) International Business

Matt Boucher, who is now a Junior Community Manager in Berlin, graduated from Brighton Business School in 2015 in International Business.

“I am proud to be a Brighton Business School graduate because not only has the university given me the perfect preparation to work in my desired industry of creative marketing/social media, but also given me the confidence to move abroad to a new city.

“Within months of graduating I started working at a marketing agency in London, being part of a team who promoted the latest James Bond, Star Wars and Marvel films, which was the experience of a lifetime!

“I have subsequently moved to Berlin, a move which has been made very easy thanks to my Erasmus study period at uni, to work in one of the fastest growing European travel communities, I will always cherish the memories I have from studying at Brighton, and I am always thankful for the experience and knowledge I have gained from studying there.”

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Clare Prust • August 15, 2016

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