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Studying abroad – the standout chapter of my life

Returning from my year abroad was hard. I was leaving the beautiful weather and laidback lifestyle of Turin, northwest Italy. The end of the standout chapter of my life. But now it is over, 6 months on and with my International Business BSc dissertation deadline looming, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the impact that my time abroad has had on me.

Matt in Piazza San Carlo, Torino, Italy

Matt in Piazza San Carlo, Torino, Italy

I feel my year in Italy has developed both me both academically and personally.

Firstly, it was a regular occurrence to have industry professionals take classes, giving valuable insight into the professional business world; adding a practical element to learning, building on theory I had learnt in first and second year.

Secondly, being surrounded by people from many different nationalities helped to develop my communication skills. Despite all students having one common language in common, English, communication could still be problematic.

I think that after uni, my year abroad will help me to find a job. I have learnt many valuable skills, including another language, and I feel that I have the confidence to go anywhere in the world to look for a job. I have moved and settled abroad before and I can most certainly do it again.

Matt Boucher is studying International Business BSc(Hons) at Brighton Business School. During Year 3, International Business students can gain experience of living abroad by continuing their studies at a university in France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Australia or the USA.

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Richard James • December 12, 2014

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