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By Lauren Wheatley, Business Management BSc(Hons) student

During a recent digital marketing workshop, we were asked to look at our email inboxes to detect good use of personalisation within emails. Does the company bombard you with random emails or do they specifically want to know you and your past/potential consumer habits?

The emails that I chose were from Bar Estilo, a cool tapas style restaurant with locations over the UK. Their emails are consistently personalised in the body of the email, using friendly terms such as ‘Hey Lauren, how are you doing?’ and ‘Hi Lauren, Do you have anything special to celebrate this weekend?’

The only negative to their emails is that the subject line doesn’t use personalisation. I blogged specifically about the lack of personalisation in the subject line emails and brought it to their attention by tweeting them.

Their swift response back to the tweets indicate that Bar Estilo are quick to engage with their customers and shows that social media is used as a tool to engage new and potential customers. The tone within their tweets is of the same friendly approach that is used throughout their emails. On the following Sunday, I received an email from Bar Estilo with a different subject line to all previous emails I have ever received from them!

‘Hi Lauren, Take A Look At The Greenest Two For One Offer We Have Ever Done!’

Fantastic news – not only have Bar Estilo read my blog but the company has understood how using personalisation further within their emails can impact their business. Even better than just reading and responding to my blog post, they have actually implemented the personalisation into the subject line of their emails. It is pretty fantastic that that they managed to implement my ideas within 3 days!

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Richard James • November 27, 2013

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