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Jagger and Stone  is a small start up clothing company based in Australia. Since they are in the first stages of growing their company their website does not have as much content as a worldwide renowned company, for example ASOS. I will define the role of the website, highlight important segments on their website, define their main web personas, and offer suggestion to help improve their customer traffic.


Role of the website

The website is for promoting and modelling their clothes. They have pages of pictures with their prices, stock levels and collections. As well as this, customers are able to purchase their clothes through the website using a third party checkout company or PayPal.

Important customer segments

The main target customer segment is young women approximately 16-30 who are fashion conscious.

Key Personas – used to increase usability and customer centricity

Main Persona 

  1. Attributes; Female,  Typically between 16-30 age gap, Fashion orientated
  2. Stereotypes/Design Targets;  Follows trends, likely to be tech savvy and therefore browse on both their laptop and mobile (on-the-go). Predominantly based in Australia as that is where the start-up company is based. However, Jagger & Stone is widely publicised on social media and is therefore worldwide.
  3. Scenarios; – Scenario A, the persona is merely information-seeking. They have logged onto the website to browse. The website therefore has great affect as to wether this customer purchases and/or returns. – Scenario B, the persona is a first time buyer. The main importance in this scenario is customer retention to make sure they come back. For example, Jagger and Stone could send them a follow up email with a promotion for their next purchase. – Scenario C, the persona is a returning buyer. In this circumstance they have likely enjoyed their website and goods and have returned through loyalty. Even though J&S have already achieved that retention from them, they must make sure not to take it for granted, as then they will lose their future custom. It may be beneficial to keep their email contact for future promotions.


My suggestions to help grow their website

I think it would be beneficial to add more sections/content to their page to help its growth, as it’s very minimal at the  moment with not too much for customers to browse through. Customer’s are likely to get easily bored and disconnect themselves from brands who are not regularly updating their content – especially in the rapidly changing fashion industry.

I also feel it would be beneficial to them as a start-up business to have a promotional pop-up to join their mailing list when logging onto the site. It is well known that companies can best promote their products through emails, to share any updates, new collections etc. However, it is also apparent that customers are more likely to click on and respond to emails that they have opted in to receiving – instead of just spam.


I am a Business management student studying at the Brighton Business school.

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