Getting connected

The increase in use of mobile devices and availability of wireless means that mobile devices can connect to online networks in an increasing number of situations.Connecting to wireless networks

Knowing how to connect securely to the internet is the first step in making the most of mobile technologies such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. Once you are connected to the University’s wireless service Eduroam you can then access a range of services such as email and calendars. Eduroam is also available at other universities in the UK and abroad.

Being able to connect any device that you are using to the internet is a core employability skill.

Connecting to the University’s wireless services Eduroam
Connecting to other Eduroam networks
General principles of connecting to wireless networks

Accessing email, calendars and timetables on mobile devices

Accessing your email, calendar and timetable from a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet allows you to work at times and locations convenient to you, gives you convenient access to information, and reduces the need to carry paperwork around.

Being able to access calendars and email immediately are key organisational skills which enable time management and team working.

Accessing University email accounts
Connecting to your University calendar
Login to StudentCentral to access your University timetable

Student Digital Literacies resources


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