Managing your digital identity

Your digital identity is your online footprint. This section covers how to manage it, and how to improve what appears online about you.

Tools for managing your digital identity

Your digital identity changes each time you connect or publish online, or whenever someone else searches for or publishes information about you. Social media tools such as LinkedIn can help create a professional online profile. Studentfolio is a university tool that can be used to showcase yourself and build a strong digital identity.

It is important because if someone searches for you online you should be discoverable and the results returned should be a positive reflection of both your professional and personal life.

Start off by Googling yourself – what are the top results including images and videos?
Digital footprints are explained in this LinkedIn Learning video

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Using online forms of communication can be different from familiar face-to-face interactions. Netiquette is a term used to describe the conventions for conducting these online interactions that help online communication run smoothly and prevent people being inadvertently offended.

Communicating effectively to different audiences is a key employability skill, whether writing emails, sending Tweets or contributing to online comments and forums.

Digital etiquette or netiquette is discussed in this LinkedIn Learning video

Student Digital Literacies resources

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