Student Digital Literacies Framework

Welcome to Student Digital Literacies Framework
The Framework contains 20 digital literacies that have been organized into three categories to support you in developing an online profile, identify digital skills that you will need in the workplace, and help you achieve in your studies.


What’s the difference between digital skills and digital literacies?
Everyone needs to keep up to date with their digital skills, but in a fast changing technological world, these can quickly go out of date. Being digitally literate is more than having the skills; it’s about knowing why, when and how to update them.


What’s in the Framework?
The literacies are organised into three categories: Study & Research, Find & Create, and My Online Profile. Each of the digital literacies contains sections that explore the literacies and explain what it is and why it is important. Further information such as links to resources on the University webpages or skills training on LinkedIn Learning are also included. The Framework sets out the wider expectations for digital literacy from the University and helps you prepare for the challenges of working in a fast-changing digital world.


How and when should I use the Framework?
The best time to start using the Framework is after you’ve got your basic digital skills to succeed at Brighton. Make sure you’ve completed Start ConnectedYou can use the Framework to find general digital skills that you’ll need in your studies (discipline specific skills will be in the subject specific ASK website). It is also useful to explore alongside your studies when you are thinking about employability, whether it’s creating a professional social media profile, wondering about the transferability of your skills that you’ve gained studying, or what the expectations are around digital skills in the workplace.

Student Digital Literacies resources


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