Postgraduate research

Successful postgraduate research depends on a mixture of skills and approaches, on good new ideas, a questioning attitude, hard work, on finishing that work, and ensuring that your work is articulated well and can be accessed and used by others. Essentially you are:

  1. Developing good new ideas by identifying and approaching new problems or looking at existing issues in new ways
  2. Contributing to knowledge on your topic by situating your ideas in a dialogue with established research and writing in the field
  3. Completing, finishing, presenting well so that whatever you do is on the one hand rigorous, and meticulous in the research process details and on the other very readable and very well expressed.

Postgraduate work is challenging and also transforms the way you think, and work. During your postgraduate research you should make some ‘learning leaps’ or ‘conceptual threshold crossings’ when your thinking and understanding of your work will become much clearer and understood at a much more conceptual, critical and creative level . You will also develop a range of useful skills which will help you in future employment whether academic or otherwise, so you need to be open to new learning of all sorts.