The Pi Shop

Maths support at the Pi Shop is available throughout the year to all students at the university. The Pi Shop is run by PhD and current final year students who are there to help guide you through your mathematical problems (not to answer the questions for you) and suggest ways in which you can gain understanding and confidence in tackling questions.

Pi Shop drop-ins run from Monday to Friday, 12-2pm on the ground floor of Cockcroft Building, room G5.

Students’ feedback
The ‘pi shop’ provides what I see as an indispensable part of any course which has a large and essential mathematical component. Personally, even though I have studied math A-level and feel confident in my abilities the Pi shop has provided the atmosphere for me to become a fully-fledged student and has cleared up numerous problems that I was too embarrassed to bother my lecturers with.
It was very useful to have to help of Francesco, who has himself studied engineering and as such is very familiar with the work we do.
I haven’t studied maths for 16 years as I am a mature student so for me it was the first time I had done the things that were covered so I needed a lot of help. The one to one tuition really helped me and I felt confident to ask questions which is a lot harder to do in a large lecture theatre
…Its also great when I have a test I go there often with loads of my course mates, and we work through samples and have help from the pi shop team when were stuck, saving us so much time whilst also learning in an efficient and fast way.
The pie shop has not only helped with problems I have faced in some areas. But it has acted a work space that myself and my peers could go to and if we had problems there was always someone there to help us.
The Pi Shop really has been a fantastic help.  It’s not always possible to attend due to other commitments but when I can I do and I have recommended it to everyone I can.