Maths and Stats

The Maths and Stats service is designed to improve students’ relationship with Mathematics and Statistics by using a diverse range of online resources, as well as offering drop-in sessions for one-to-one support.

This service will be particularely useful if you are a student and wish to enhance your mathematical skills, help overcome your struggles with Maths or even use these resources throughout your degree. Some help with key concepts in the fields below are covered:

These resources include tutorial videos, formula sheets, and exam type questions.

A word from a student:

Lecturers teaching other modules which were not maths expected us to know mathematical operations such as integration, differentiation etc. Even though we had a maths module, sometimes we would not have covered those topics yet. I personally realised Maths was no longer just a subject but a tool used within other subjects. Therefore I found myself needing some help in some mathematical concepts to be able to successifully pass other modules.

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