Academic English tutorials

Tutorials to continue online using Microsoft Teams

These one-to-one tutorials with an iASK tutor will help you answer any academic query that you may have. For example, you might want to ask about how to approach an assignment, how to summarise an article or how to prepare a presentation. This is NOT a class, and students will be seen for an allocated amount of time, which is usually thirty minutes.

To book a 30m tutorial follow this link to the iASK pages of student central.

  • log in with your University of Brighton username and password
  • click on Academic One to One Tutorials: Booking Forms, on the left of the page
  • select either the Eastbourne or Brighton section of the page, according to where your course is based
  • on the Doodle page, select an available time slot on the date you require and add your name on the left
  • When you’re happy with your selection, scroll down and press ‘send’
  • email the relevant tutor before the session as they will need to contact you using your email address
  • attach any written work or presentation slides that you’d like to discuss during the session

Remember: you should only one 30 minute slot, no more than one week in advance

Full details:

iASK pages of student central.

Find out what one student says about iAsk tutorials: 


Got a question or want to make a booking? Email

I have had such a positive experience with my work since joining this service. There was flexibility to attend the 1-1 sessions and the tutoring was friendly and encouraging. I felt supported even through external circumstances which could have affected my performance. Previously it was quite challenging to write, but the feedback has been very clear and helpful. My writing skills have improved overtime and I now feel more confident when presenting my work for marking.

Through the support received I have expectations for better results and a successful career. I will recommend these programmes for students who wish to experience this difference.

Thank you.


Rose, BSc Podiatry

The services provided by iASK were really useful for the preparation of my assessments. In particular, one to one tutorials helped me to understand how to organize my ideas and how to correctly structure my essays.


Sports and Service Management undergraduate

TThe one on one tutorial is always accessible. It encourages me to set the deadline of the assessments in advance. Although the tutors might not come from the same department as the students, the advice is practical and useful for different assessments.

Personally, I appreciate and enjoy the services. Highly recommended.


Chia Yu Chiang, Post graduate student from the School of Sport and Service Management