Jess Moriarty, co-director of the Centre for Arts and Wellbeing, took part in a roundtable with health care experts and artists discussing Dr Joanna Callaghan’s thought provoking exhibition about her experience of breast cancer which was at South East Dance in October. The exhibition was focused on raising awareness about breast cancer and to stimulate discussions around the challenges and motivations for arts and health working in partnership.

Joanna’s work opens up a space between her film and the audience, a space to be awe-inspired by our body, to dream about how it is and how it might be, to acknowledge that our relationship with our body is for life, and that we should try to accept it for how it is and, more than anything perhaps, to thank it for its extraordinary capacity to love. Joanna’s film is a fist in the gut and a fist in the air, she tells her story on her terms in her own way and the story is painful, but it is also a celebration of her, her body and how she has come to understand it as a space of sickness and also recovery.

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