If you are an experienced creative or a beginner, the University of Brighton invites you to take a part in a selection of 5 Leisure Courses this June. Find out more about each Course available below and make sure to get in contact if you are interested. Set in the School of Art and Media, you will be in the beating heart of Brighton’s thriving cultural, music and arts scene since 1859 and you will be able to join the generations of artists whose creative journeys have begun here.


PATTERN ANATOMIES Saturday June 3, 10.00 – 16.00 –  tutor, Julianna Sissons

This June take part in an engaging class where you will learn how to make sustainable garment patterns to half size with quarter scale mannequins. You will be involved in a jam-packed day where you will focus on the different methods of zero-waste cutting and you will learn a whole new set of shape-making skills for fashion.

If you are more experienced, you will have the opportunity to push boundaries and develop these skills in unique ways. We will work with half scale mannequins, traditional 2D block templates and geometric draping techniques before scaling patterns up to full size. Use one or more techniques to create your finished piece.

If you want to learn a new skill, or improve your current skillset, sign up for Pattern Anatomies today for a creative day to look forward to.

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Monday June 5 10.00 -16.00

Monoprinting for Beginners Monday June 5 10.00 -16.00 – tutor, Phil Tyler, Printroom

Fancy learning a new creative skill? Don’t fear the blank page! Monoprinting and Monotype are simple, liberating and creatively serendipitous processes which enable you to make many exciting one-of-a-kind prints quickly which you can take home with you. Best exemplified in the work of Degas, Neale Worley, Elisabeth Peyton and Tracey Emin, monoprint and monotype for beginners will show you how to explore printmaking with and without a press.



You will be working in one of the UK’s best-equipped printmaking workshops and this course will provide you with a practical induction to monoprint and monotype to try both approaches to experiment and create many exciting prints to take away.

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Tuesday June 6 – 10.00 – 16.00

Slow Fashion: Make and Mend Tuesday June 6 – 10.00 – 16.00, tutor Sarah Elwick

Breathe new life into an old favourite this summer with the practical and highly creative course ‘Slow Fashion: Make and Mend’ which is suitable for beginners. You will learn how to re-imagine an item of clothing or a piece of textiles using hand sewing, embroidery, appliqué and darning.

We’ll help you develop and pursue your vision with confidence, so you can create something that is highly personal, infused with memories, and deeply embedded in the honourable folk craft tradition of making do.

Ideal for anyone with a creative outlook who is interested in taking sustainable approaches to their own clothing as you will be working on one of your own old garments or textiles. Together we will explore how best to re-imagine your piece and we will have fun in creative thinking with support from your tutor so you can pursue your vision with supported confidence!

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Thursday June 8 – 10.00 – 16.00

Fashion Illustration Thursday June 8 – 10.00 – 16.00 with tutor Gary Kaye

Dreamed of being a fashion illustrator? This exciting Fashion Illustration workshop which is suitable for beginners will help you learn a new creative skill and give you essential confidence. Using a mixed media approach and drawing directly from the figure from a fashion perspective, you will work with short poses from a fully clothed life model, learning to experiment and observe the key lines that form the essential shapes for a fashion illustration to work.

Our methods of teaching will enhance the experienced eye as well as supporting newcomers to the idea of illustration towards observation of line, shape and silhouette. One thing which will be sure, you will be in a supportive environment with your work and be able to gain confidence to progress further with your ideas of illustration, use of media, colour as well as observing movement, line, contour in fashion.

Learn from an experienced and current fashion illustrator who has much knowledge and experience to impart about the fashion industry as well as skills and shortcuts around drawing the figure. This course will help beginners take the first step to becoming a skilled fashion illustrator, as well as help the more experienced hone-in on their specific skills and style.

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Friday June 9 – 10.00 – 16.00

Dry Point for Etching Friday June 9 – 10.00 – 16.00 tutor, Phil Tyler,  Printroom

This summer sign up for the chance to roll up your sleeves and get hands on with printmaking with the class Dry Point for Etching. You will be introduced to Dry Point, a long-established printing technique of scratching or drawing into plastic using a pointed tool to generate your own prints. This creates a plate which can then be inked so that multiple prints can be made on to paper through the use of a printed press. It is a very direct and immediate form of printmaking and has been widely used by a variety of artists including Rembrandt and Picasso!

If you are a beginner this course is perfect for you as you will be guided through a practical introduction to get you creating exciting prints of your own that you can take home with you. Give your wellbeing a creative burst by signing up today for a fun creative activity to look forward to this summer!

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We really hope that there is something for everyone and that you can find something that will not only give you a new skill, or improve one you currently have, as well as boost your well-being!

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