If you have an interest in second-hand repair and up-cycling, read ‘Second-hand and the Tacit’ by Dr Jules Findley. Based on writings and discussions in a hands-on repair workshop held through Second hand Cultures in Unsettled Times organised by Cardiff University, in which participants were invited to work on their repairs live. Repairing a much-loved item to give it new life, yet the garment wears the scars of being repaired, and carries with it the tacit knowledge of that repair.

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“Making is a key component of tacit knowledge, as it is in the making where hidden knowledge can be made and embedded. The emotion and affect embodied in the second-hand can be embedded in the visible repairs or the additions that can create unique meanings within artefacts, beyond looking at the fabric manufacture, or garments on the surface. It is this hidden origin which is the tacit, and the reasons why the second-hand can have value and a unique quality not necessarily attributed to those garments made at the designer level. The second-hand does play an important role in the original materials, where tacit knowledge forms the part of embodied materiality, encompassing the meaning of the work in making, and making new meaning in repairing.”


Journal of Journalism Media and Cultural Studies JOMEC

‘Second-hand and the Tacit’ By Dr Jules Findley

published December 22



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