Calvin Moore is studying for an MA in Creative Writing here at the University of Brighton and as part of his artist in residency module on the MA, Calvin has been working with the CAW. Calvin also has a career in the funeral services sector where his work has led to a deep interest in the way we grieve and remember those we love and lose, and how societal values & cultural narratives shift, evolve and reinterpret rituals of bereavement.

As someone who lives with Emotional Intensity Disorder, Calvin has an interest in creative work that provides expression and release; a passage towards living with and within his condition.  For this reason, Calvin has been producing a blog centred around the theme of Creativity in Covid, to map out the constellation of his own struggles with inspiration, to see if they might map on to the experiences of others, to turn the internal and intimate out onto the page as inspiration.

Calvin’s story intersects with his experience working as an undertaker during the pandemic.  It is a story open to anyone who wants to take the journey with him, contributions from others who might wish to explore their own experiences in a similar way are welcome.

Read Calvin’s blog here

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