The Centre for Arts and Wellbeing at the University of Brighton develops research and enterprise initiatives that directly benefit the wellbeing of individuals and communities, innovating in a wide range of practices where the arts improve people’s lives.¬†

The university has a long and illustrious history in art and design practices, medicine and healthcare, and was a pioneer in community engagement and co-productive research. The Centre for Arts and Wellbeing brings these strengths together, fostering novel, vital, creative and collaborative modes and methods through which a range of health and wellbeing issues are investigated and brought to public benefit.

Research in this area makes a vital contribution to contemporary cultural life for communities well beyond the university, while refining the academic understanding of how and why the development of arts and wellbeing interweave.

Our membership includes all academic levels, welcoming PhD students and early career researchers, and extends across the broadest definition of arts and health practice, aiming to discover new strengths through the co-location of creative minds and multidisciplinary interests.

We look forward to hearing from potential partners and new members who can join with our aim to understand and develop the relationship between the arts and our shared wellbeing.

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