Here we bring together some of the lives, opinions and works that illustrate the history of arts education in Brighton. Some are the long-standing teaching staff who shaped departments, disciplines and built resource and reputation. Some former members provide interesting accounts as to their experiences of the institution. This is not an alumni list or ‘hall of fame’ but there is also a selection of those whose work became recognised in a field and who reflected happily on their early days as students or junior staff.



First nameSurnameDatesDiscipline
Stephen Adutt architect
Architectural graphic of tall, plate glass fronted building among standard city centre buildings.
LizAggiss1953 - performer and screendance pioneer Dramatic photograph of leaping dancer with arms spread and loose costume flying like wings
AndreAmstutz1925 - illustrator and animatorAnimators' meeting 1940s suits, seven men one woman in armchairs watching a presenter at a board of animation stills
FredBaier1949 - craftsmanBirds eye view of a high design concept circular table with seated participants.
AlanBaker1951 - illustratorStylised graphic of large anteater moving through a forest
Barry BarkercuratorCorner of University of Brighton gallery with coloured gels in windows
MaryBarker1907 - 1999weaverElderly lady descending staircase with richly designed dress in purple with landscape design.
IanBeck1947 - illustrator and authorAlbum cover of Elton John in platform shoes and name on jacket stepping through a wall onto a yellow brick road
John Bellany1942 - painterChinatown by Underground poster picture of Chinese family in black tie attire around a table with lobster.
GeraldBenney1930 - gold and silversmithBlack and white picture of Gerald Benney as a young man with thick rimmed glasses and checked jacket
RaymondBriggs1934 - 2022illustrator and authorTwo covers from Raymond Briggs' books, the snowman and Fungus the Bogeyman
CarolineBroadhead1950 - designerFashion photograph of cylindrical headdress covering whole head and shoulders in plastic gauze
BruceBrowngraphic designer and educatorHead and shoulders of Professor Bruce Brown
John RBiggs1909 - 1989illustratorWoodcut image with large coconut design and man with axe in distance. Illustration for Robinson Crusoe by JR Biggs.
William HerbertBond1862 - 1918educatorCover design with medieval figure holding palette and brush. Title reads County borough of Brighton school of art calendar 1905-1906
NoraBraden1901 - 2001potterSepia portrait of Nora Braden at the potters' wheel
DavidChapman1933 - painterPortrait photograph of bearded David Chapman smiling at an artist's table, drawings in background
HelenChadwick1953 - 1996artistBlack and white photograph of stylised 60s interior with figure against back wall and objects across floor space
DorothyCoke1897 - 1979artistpencil, biro and watercolour picture of the demolition of the Victorian Grand Parade Brighton School of Art building in 1963.
PaddyConsidine1974 - actor and directorHead portrait of Paddy Considine
Keith Coventry1958 - artistTwo paintings by Keith Coventry, one of a woman in a fur walking away from a man, the other two interlocking circles
LeslieCole1910 - 1976artistHead and neck portrait from high angle in pen on squared paper, man with glasses and moustache, tie and suit
DavidClewseducatorHead and shoulders of David Clews with landscape hills and trees behind him.
LucyCousins1964 - illustrator and authorFront cover of Lucy Cousins' Yummy with stylised cartoon wolf and red riding hood.
David Crowleyhistorian of designDavid Crowley's curated exhibition with space age tube displays of designed garments on mannequins.
DennisCreffield1931 - 2018artistVigorous brushwork in browns and creams, a painting by Dennis Creffield, 'Still Life', c. 1961, oil on board.
AddisonCresswell1960 - 2013agentHead portrait photograph of Addison Creswell
HarveyDaniels1936 - 2013printmakerAbstract image with red, pink purple and black palette and decorated block composition
AlanDavie1920 - 2014artistAbstract painting with meticulous lines, curves and points
Polly Dunbar1977 - illustrator and authorChildren's book illustration of blue elephant carrying soft toys on his back.
SallyDousteditorBlack and white magazine cover with head and shoulders of two women. Title reads Spare Rib 17 and a half p - The days when Women Rocked the Word, Georgie Best on Sex
AlfredFairbank1896 - 1982calligrapherCalligraphed latin work across two pages. Large title reads Gallus, Ecloga Decima
NoraFok1953 - jewellery designerNora Fok, Artichoke parachute ring, a cloud of fine white strands large against the hand wearing it
Julian Freemanhistorian and curatorBlack and white image of two curators in a gallery with large pictures behind and between them
Jane Finnisarts charity directorJane Finnis in front of detailed design orientated diagrams with pen
Clive Gardiner1891 - 1960artist and educatorPoster with stylised plant forms, reads The Palm House, Kew Gardens but see it for yourself by underground
BobGordongraphic designerCover of a book, title reads Making Digital type look good
Emily Gravett1972 - author and illustratorDrawing by Emily Gravett of a wolf waiting for dinner with knife and fork and a rabbit reading on his nose.
Frank Grayhistorian of filmEarly colour film still of two clowns against a dark background, filmed in 1906.
JenniGreybookbinderA book binding in dark red cloth with raised shapes like handwritten letter patterns
Tom Grimsey1960 - 2014sculptorIn a garden area, a large tubular matt silver sculpture reflecting the patterns caused by a magnet on an oscilloscope.
LouisGinnett1875 - 1946artistPainted portrait of young woman with 1920s hair style and black and gold costume against black background. Louis Ginnett, Portrait of Mary
AntonyGormley1950 - sculptorInk drawing by Anthony Gormley of top half of a silhouetted figure with arms outstretched and broad washed ink sky beyond
GeorgeHardie1944 - illustrator and graphic designerA hand and pencil created drawn as cord wrapped writing the word slave.
ConradHeighton Leigh1883 - 1958?artistPoster design with Georgian couple examining wallpapers. Reads John Gilkes and sons, Brighton, wallpapers and decorations
GavinHenderson1948 - arts directorRed and white graphic design of stylised horses against alternating cream and red vertical lines. Reads Brighton School of Art.
Frederick CharlesHerrick1887 - 1970artistVibrant poster, red and black writing on cream and picutre of various people on an underground station including a Michelin man, a cardinal a fisherman and man in top hat.
RonaldHorton1902 - 1981artist and educatorPainting of Shoreham harbour with distant town seafront and foreground maritime navigation post
Percy FrederickHorton1897 - 1970artistCareful watercolour painting of first world war soldier in brown uniform and cap
Amyde la Hayecurator and writerImages of corsetry.
ThurstonHopkins1913 - 2014photographerThurston Hopkins, Woman in trouble, large shadow dominates foreground of picture of woman running towards camera down a high walled street.
Sean HetterleyartistDiptych with cartoon images of covered naked males on Brighton beach, two in a punch and judy booth tweaking a nipple as with the Gabrielle D'Estrees portrait and a standing bearded figure covering his groin with a top hat.
ToniHicksdesigner / knitterknitted gauze type structures hanging in a dramatically lit gallery space
JaneHissey1952 - illustrator and authorIllustration of five soft toys in bed.
DeniseHodesignerMagazine spread from German press with large title It's a kind of Magic and fashion shot of model in evening gown with web structure and billowing cuffs.
BarbaraHulanicki1936 - designerPoster in dramatic black and white of woman staring downwards.  Purple and gold bar decoration, reads Biba image and legend
GywtherIrwin1931 - 2008artistOp art picture with multi-coloured strands
AndrzejJackowski1947 - artistPainted figure stands next to a table on which two fir trees lie.
HywelJameseducatorWater lilies on water with reflections
JulietKepes1919 - 1999illustrator and authorIllustration spread with radiant red sun and silhouettes of flying birds from Kepes The Seed that Peacock Planted
CharlesKnight1901 - 1990artist and educatorWatercolour of rocky downland with distant sea and rain in the distance
SandraLawton1949 - festival manager
AlisonLapper1965 - artistAlison Lapper's work, her own naked torso with angel wings, red decorated border of black and white image
John LawrenceillustratorJohn Lawrence woodcut style illustration with rowing boat at the stern of a large ship loading wooden boxes.
GeraldLeet1913 - 1998artistPoster by Gerald Leet shows man flying a magic carpet over mountains with words Radio Olympia August 24 to September 3 and details of bus and underground stations
ClaireLeighton1899 - 1989artist and authorEngraving of shearing with shepherds shearing sheep against a backdrop of rolling fields.
John VernonLord1939 - illustrator and authorDetailed drawing on Brighton Polytechnic headed paper, a brick house looking like a head with round glasses has stairs leading into the head a door for the mouth and a walled garden around it.
EthelMairet1872 - 1852weaverA cloth tam-o'shanter cap with red, blue and beige stripes.
JohnMilesdesigner and educatorDesign for bunched fabric curtaining with bold circular shapes and vertical lines
LesleyMillerhistorian of textilesEmbroidered textile design with flowers and flowing fabric
StuartMorganhistorian of artStuart Morgan in a white jacket in front of a sculpture.
BrendonNeiland1941 - artistBroken reflection of the Indian dome of Brighton Pavilion, painting by Brendan Neiland
Jane Pavitthistorian and curatorExhibition installation photograph with multiple paper works on wooden sloped presentation spaces held by vertical wire
Robin Plummerartist and educatorVibrant quick sketch of woman playing the cello
IanPotts1936 - 2014artistVibrant broad brush water colour of dark ships on a beach with bright sky. Hastings by Ian Potts
DunstanPrudensilversmithGreyscale photograph of a man, Dunstan Pruden, in silversmithing workshop with hammer and small anvil held in a vice.
LouiseRennison1951 - 2016authorThree books with vibrant teen age covers, titles read Angus, thongs and full frontal snogging, Stop in the name of pants and On the bright side I am now the girlfriend of a sex god.
ChrisRiddell1962 - illustratorCartoon drawing of a seagull in tweed jacket and mortar board. Professor C Gull by Chris Riddell
David RobsonarchitectMeeting room with students seated on floor and pictures on the walls
ChrisRosedesignerInterior in warm yellow light with shining Egyptian styled throne on a plinth.
AndrewRestall1931 - illustrator and artistContact sheet of stamp designs, five by five, all with bright white and coloured sails dominating composition
PeterRichardsonillustratorCartoon illustration of superhero pulling top apart to reveal armour with large M
TomSawyertypographerFront and back of old clipped coins with shield and queen head
LaurenceScarfe1914 - 1993artist and illustratorIllustration with doll figures in bright pink and blue
Jill Seddonhistorian of design and educatorPublic sculpture with pillar and angels seated and at apex
PeterSeddonartist and educatorGallery installation photograph, dark red walls with white decal, photographic images of Cromwell's skull head and drawing of the beheading of Charles I. Centre, Delaroche’s painting of Cromwell contemplating the beheaded corpse of Charles 1st in his coffin after execution in 1649.
SylivaSleigh1916 - 2010artistStylised realist painting of four nudes, standing and seated femles, seated males one with lute.
RichardSlee1946 - artist and designerArtwork with contrasting sized figures and vegetation on a mesh splash guard
AlanSorrell1904 - 1974artistWar scene with inspection of a line of injured soldiers by a man in a top hat, a statue of Britannia in the background
MadelineStrindberg1955 - artistInstallation with paintings and collage by Madeline Strindberg,
Peter Strausfeld1910 - 1980poster designerWoodcut style picture of an artist painting the face of a life size female image
IanSmith1959 - 2014performer and artisttwo figures one in Bhudist orange dress the other in a blue bed with a blue face, the sheet blue with tabloid newspaper page design
Justin Todd1932 - illustratorGuardsman with face composed from military equipment.
LouTaylorhistorian of dressCover of Lou Taylor Establishing Dress History with illustration of two stylised punk characters with raised red and black hair and patterned black shirts.
MichaelTuckercurator and writerWhite gallery wall with sculptures and abstract painting
KeithTyson1969 - artistPainting of crumpled paper with emerging face shape in apparently folded paper, Across top, written Aug 2006 the god of origami
CliffWright1963 - illustratorA red haired and dark haired boy in a flying blue Ford Anglia car with an owl in a cage. Below them a red train moves through the countryside.
JohnWells-Thorpe1928 - 2019architectBlack and white image of Hove Town hall on opening, sharp rectangular shapes in concrete and glass.
RayWatkinson1913 - 2003historian of artA bearded Ray Watkinson smiling in front of shelves of books
JonathanWoodham1948 - historian of designFront cover of Jonathan M Woodham's Dictionary of Modern Design with a colourful barcode design