The history of arts education in Brighton


The history of arts education in Brighton

Brighton School of Art: Victorian age to the twentieth century

Arts and Manufactures in Britain: the Impetus behind the Schools of Art Deliberations about the nature and purpose of art and design education in Britain were aired increasingly in the second half of the eighteenth century with the involvement of… Continue Reading →

Arts and crafts: The Ditchling community and Brighton School of Art

Introduction Ditchling, a small East Sussex village by the South Downs, located between Haywards Heath, Lewes, Brighton and Hassocks, is an unusual place. Dating back to Saxon times, it is a community proud of its long history and its continued… Continue Reading →

Art School life in the 1930s: extracts from Dunstan Pruden’s autobiography ‘So doth the Smith’

The following extracts are taken from the unpublished autobiography by Dunstan Pruden (1907-1974). As can be seen from his biographical feature, Pruden was a silversmith based for much of his career in the Ditchling arts and crafts community. He taught… Continue Reading →

Post-war curriculum and assessment: Coldstream, Summerson, art history and complementary studies

Introduction This chapter explores the presence and significance of art history and complementary studies at Brighton in the context of curriculum development, particularly in the period from the late 1950s to the late 1960s. These subject areas have been far… Continue Reading →

Fashion, textiles and dress history: a personal perspective by Lou Taylor

Introduction My first contact with the Fashion Department of Brighton College of Art was around 1967. We moved to Brighton in 1966 when my husband Joe got his job as a mathematics lecturer at the University of Sussex. My parents… Continue Reading →

Brighton College of Art in the 1960s

Chapter text, John Vernon Lord First impressions of the art college in 1961 When I came to Brighton as a part-time lecturer I was twenty two years old, with hardly any professional work behind me. Nor did I have any… Continue Reading →

1968: the student revolution in Brighton

Chapter text, Philippa Lyon Introduction The build-up of frustration and discontent among the student body in 1968 relates in many ways to the issues of teaching methods and curricular relevance touched upon in the previous chapter. At this time, many… Continue Reading →

The Art College Basement: some recollections

Chapter text, Jonathan M Woodham[1] The dark, dingy, wet-floored, low-ceilinged series of interconnecting spaces known as The Basement were located on the lower ground floor of the rambling Glenside Annexe immediately adjacent to the main College of Art building[2] in… Continue Reading →

Art and Design at Brighton in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries

The university has given many names and many structures to its creative arts departments, but ask any Brighton taxi driver for the ‘Art College’ and it’s like some long-lost friend’s been waiting too long. That was my experience when coming… Continue Reading →

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