Data, arts, health and wellbeing: Adjusting to COVID-19 new reality

An illustration of the ecology of vector-borne diseases like the 2018 ebolavirus and 2019 coronavirus (Covid-19) by the artist Olaf Hajek (Source:

As the ART/DATA/HEALTH project adjusts to the new reality of the COVID-19 crisis, and the extended period of working remotely, we will be posting updates and a series of informative Resources.

The ART/DATA/HEALTH project aims to work with communities and citizens to build their digital and data science skills in order to understand large amounts of data – and the way we do this is through creativity and the arts. Our plans to run workshops with our key partners and stakeholders have now been cancelled, while the Brighton Fringe Festival has been postponed until October 2020. This means that in order to realise the vision of the project, which is to benefit communities digest health and wellbeing data through arts and creativity, we need to adjust to working remotely. This is why, Anna Dumitriu, one of the commissioned artists who is exploring domestic violence issues in consultation with the local charity RISE, has shifted her focus, and will be examining COVID-19 data and the effect of quarantine and self-isolation on women (RISE is a Sussex-based charity that supports people affected by domestic abuse and violence. RISE stands for Refuge, Information, Support and Education).

Over the next week, Anna and I will be preparing art kits that workshop participants can use remotely, in order to explore their experiences, feelings and emotions around social distancing and staying at home. The impact of COVID-19 related measures on charity workers who support survivors of domestic abuse is of paramount importance for the ART/DATA/HEALTH project. Keep in touch for an upcoming interview with Anna about bioart, women and the COVID-19, and for more updates about how the project is adjusting and responding to the new situation.

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