Apprenticeships at Brighton

It’s National Apprenticeship Week! Read Our Top 5 Frequently Asked Apprenticeship Questions

1. What is an Apprenticeship?

A higher or degree apprenticeship leads to a university award and it provides a fantastic opportunity to balance work and part-time study. At Brighton, our apprentices study alongside their job, with work-based projects relevant to their organisation.

2. Where can I find an apprenticeship?

Discover degree apprenticeships through, UCAS, local career centers or job fairs, employers and educational providers. Apprenticeships start at Level 2 and go up to a Level 7 Masters. Find University of Brighton programmes at:

3. How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

A higher or degree apprenticeship may be for someone going into a new job, however many of our apprentices are in an existing job role. If you are interested in doing an apprenticeship, talk your employer about your options!

4. What kind of degree apprenticeships are available?

There are a wide range of higher and degree apprenticeships available, we provide opportunities in business and management, construction, engineering and the built environment, health and science, and education. Explore our wide range of courses at:

5. How long does a degree apprenticeship take?

The completion time for higher and degree apprenticeships varies, typically spanning three to six years, depending on the level of the course. You will spend part of your week on a structured learning programme and much of your learning will be applied to your job from day one.

There are so many different ways to reach a degree level qualification – whatever route you have chosen, and whatever level you are at now, you can work your way up to achieving a bachelors degree, or even a masters degree in a wide range of university subject areas, often with additional professional qualifications on completion.

Our apprentices come from many different educational and professional backgrounds – our range of programmes provide the opportunity to earn while they learn, studying content closely aligned to their professional journey, all around their existing commitments. Read our visual guide below, to help with any further queries.

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Elry Hunt-Green • 05/02/2024

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