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Frankie Dennis outside portrait

Frankie Dennis, Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship

The apprenticeships team caught up with Frankie Dennis and her employer Daniel Barrow to find out the impact the Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship has had on her role as the PA to the Head of School and Dean, Professor Steven McGuire at the University of Sussex Business School.

“In a relatively short space of time I feel that I have learnt a great deal from this programme. The classes have been engaging and thought-provoking. The balance between theory and personal experience allows the material to be relevant to individuals at different stages of their careers and across a wide range of industries. The peer learning has been invaluable and there is a wealth of knowledge and opportunity to be gained through networking.​​

I have found that creating my portfolio has really enhanced my learning experience. The different skills and behaviours which need to be evidenced really enable me to apply the programme learning to my workplace environment. Through personal self-study and taught material I have covered topics such as organisational theory, finance and accounting management practice and strategic marketing and communication. Individual assignments allow me to evidence my learning and adapt this to my organisation, which ensures a holistic understanding of the material. ​​

I am delighted that I am undertaking this programme, and am immensely proud of my achievements and learning to date.”​

Daniel added:

”From the early stages of the programme, Frankie’s participation has had a positive impact. Her discussions and learning have combined to assist her focus even more on immediate tasks in hand.  This has also made Frankie more resilient and able to cope even more comfortably with the really tough work challenges she has handled.  The programme appears to have assisted her clear thinking and sharp, strategic prioritisation in her approach to both her apprenticeship assignments and the day to day demands of her job.” 

Find out more about the Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship.

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Catherine Johnson • 03/06/2020

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