Finding the perfect placement

We first spoke to Seniz during her second year of studying on our Ecology and Conservation BSc(Hons). And caught up with her more recently to find out if she managed to find a placement playing to her interests in ecology and education.

I heard about my placement from my placement officer, who sent many different placements to look at. So I had the option to filter through and find which ones in particular suited me! Continue reading “Finding the perfect placement”

Looking up at a group of students cheering on some rocks

What I’ve found

Second year Ecology and Conservation BSc(Hons) student, Seniz, tells us about what she’s found so far studying here.

You need to research different courses before making a decision

Photo of Seniz Mustafa, ecology studentChoosing what to study was slightly difficult as there are a range of courses related to the environment, each specialising in varyingly different areas. Originally I wanted to study zoology because I loved learning about animals, but I changed my mind to Ecology because I also wanted to learn about the environment in addition to that. It required looking at different courses and what they each taught, for my course I was really excited by the opportunities of field trips and lab work to supplement my knowledge – such as trips to Shropshire and Stanmer park where I learned about bird and plant identification. Continue reading “What I’ve found”