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Making the leap to study in Brighton from Greece gave me tools for life

International Pharmacy alum Polyxeni Tsea tells us how her university experience as a whole, not just her degree, set her up for a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.

As an international student coming to the UK, Polyxeni tells us how the University of Brighton equipped her both personally and professionally for life and career beyond graduation.

She tells us about learning independence in a new country, the experience of meeting people from all around the world working as a Student Residential Advisor and how her degree has directly linked to her career working for DEMO S.A.

Experience working as a Student Residential Advisor

“Working as a Student Residential Advisor (SRA) at Varley Park Halls, was definitely one of my best memories at Brighton. In my three-year long SRA role, I mainly supported first-year students coming to the University of Brighton for their undergraduate degree.

It was such a fulfilling experience for me to be able to guide new students into their first year at the university and Brighton in general. I was able to meet people from all over the world, and make friends; plus, it was so much fun living at Varley Park Halls.

I did encounter some more challenging situations in my SRA role, particularly in 2020, during the first outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a very difficult time for everyone. As an SRA, I would always try to be there for everyone who needed support, to listen to their thoughts, concerns, and try to support them in the best possible way.

Being a student myself, it was much easier for me to understand how other students might be feeling, as we all share the same challenging transition into university, and may be experiencing or have experienced similar concerns, questions, and thoughts.”

How University of Brighton gave her the tools for life as a graduate

“Through my Pharmacy degree, I developed valuable professional skills needed for my current role in the Pharmaceutical Industry field. As a student coming to Brighton from another country (Greece), I also learned to be independent and adapt to new and challenging environments, which has been definitely useful in my next steps after graduating.

Since graduating my biggest achievement, has been landing my dream job within the pharmaceutical industry and being able to contribute towards the global supply and availability of medicines.

Relationship building is key not only for work, but also life in general. This allows for personal and professional growth, acquirement of new knowledge, and great opportunities to connect with people. At Brighton, there are so many opportunities to build strong relationships with people from different backgrounds, through University courses, clubs and activities, halls of residence, and so much more.”

Role within the pharmaceutical industry

“In my role as a Regulatory Affairs Senior Officer I am responsible for preparing medicine dossiers for granting and maintaining Marketing Authorisation Licenses across global Authorities (i.e. EU, Canada, Asia, Africa, etc).

During the last 6 months, I am really happy to say I have progressed into a more senior role and further develop my skills in a field that I am passionate about.”

Success and well-being go hand in hand

“To me, success is achieving my professional goals, without compromising my personal well-being. It means that even though I am aiming for professional excellence, I am learning to appreciate the joys of everyday life and feel emotionally full. I would say a healthy work-life balance is a success.”

Advice for current students at the University of Brighton

“Time flies when you’re a student; one day you’re on freshers week events, and in a blink of an eye, here you are in your graduation ceremony. So, my advice to current students is to live it to the fullest! Brighton Uni has so much more to offer outside your main degree.

Join activities, learn new skills, meet new people (everyone is so nice!), explore the city of Brighton. These are the memories that will accompany you in your next steps in life.”

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