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My course so far

Hi I’m Jade and I’m a first year studying Biological Sciences BSc(Hons) and here’s what I think of the course so far…

I chose this course as I’ve been interested in biology for many years, and I like that this course specifically allows you to cater it more specifically to yourself with how many option modules there are for later years. I chose Brighton as I’ve lived rather locally my whole life, and I’m enjoying being able to study whilst also still getting to live at home.

One of the main factors that make me feel that I’ve made the right choice is the amount of support offered to the students. Knowing that there are many members of staff from careers and placements support, the SSGT and the lecturers themselves have helped me feel confident in knowing that no matter what issue or question I may have there is someone at Brighton ready to help.

I’ve been enjoying quite a few of the subjects, Diversity of Life and Marine Biology are two I enjoy as much of my background before coming to Brighton involved animal care, so I’ve been able to relate some of my previous knowledge to those subjects. I’ve also been enjoying the Genetics module, it can be a rather challenging subject, but I find it very fascinating.

The fieldwork we did recently as part of the Marine biology module involved us going to an area of rock pools along Beachy Head West, where as part of an assignment we carried out a survey along the shore’s profile to access the species diversity of the area, which we are then to make a report on. We also had 3 officers from the IFCA there to supervise and assist us as we carried out the survey as the area of beach we were on is a marine conservation zone.

I enjoyed the opportunity to be able to look closely at what creatures inhabit that area of rock pools, I hope to go back to that beach in my own time to appreciate it more. I’m also glad to be able to be apart of the IFCA’s annual survey of the site, as I am told that for the past few years, the reports made by Brighton students have been an important part of research at that site.

I do plan on doing a placement year, I am currently getting an idea of what positions might be available, but I know I want to get some laboratory experience; as I know it will be useful for the field I’m interested in going into, which is research.

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