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Meet Dr Simon Jeffs

Dr Simon Jeffs is Admissions Tutor for our Pharmacy MPharm and Pharmacy MPharm with preparatory year courses.

My journey to teaching
I came to teaching by a very roundabout route via zoology, parasitology, a PhD on tapeworms and 20 years developing HIV vaccines! This has given me a comprehensive knowledge of all types of pathogens and how to control them.

I started teaching medical and postgraduate virology students at Imperial College London then transferred to Brighton.

About my research
I was very proud to be involved in developing and bringing to Phase I clinical trials HIV vaccines from gene to validated medicinal product.

I’m a real science nerd and love to keep abreast of all the latest developments in microbiology and parasitology. My research involves developing novel antimicrobials and trying to understand why people are suspicious of vaccines.

How my work responds to global challenges
Infectious disease is currently a huge issue – think COVID-19, HIV, Ebola and influenza. The Golden Age of antibiotics is over as bacteria develop resistance mechanisms against them, so we need novel treatments to control these pathogens. My work with plant-based antimicrobials along with nanoparticle delivery systems and finding out why patients are wary about the use of vaccines addresses these global challenges.

What I love about teaching
I love to see my pharmacy students grow from shy young adults to confident professionals ready to lead the way in healthcare. I support students by always being available to discuss their academic and personal problems and I particularly enjoy guiding them through their final year research projects.

I have a great track record with my projects, several of which have been taken forward by students to postgraduate Masters and PhD study at Brighton and elsewhere. One student whose final year Biological Sciences project I supervised was top in her year and has just completed her PhD at Queen Mary College London.

My advice to students
Come to Brighton! You’ll have a great time in the UK’s most vibrant and creative city and receive a First-Class education from our amazing academics. Immerse yourself in your studies and love what you’re doing – then anything becomes possible!

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