Calebtina holding her award and smiling at the Students Union Awards

Gaining confidence and achieving goals at Brighton

Third-year Pharmacy student Calebtina Peprah received a scholarship through the Student Potential Fund. She has shared with us the positive impact this had made on her studies and her appreciation to the donors for their support.

I am the first person in my family to go to university and was determined to make a bold step and attend university. I have always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, and I could not hide my joy when I got accepted at the University of Brighton. It was a dream come true.  

I chose to study pharmacy because I love to give care to patients. This became very clear to me when my dad got ill last year. Through my course, I was able to advise, support and care for him in a way that surprised nurses and doctors at the hospital.

This really turned my life upside down as I became very tired, lacking motivation and wanting to give up many times. I was able to pick myself up thanks to the great support I received from my Student Support and Guidance Tutor, Brighton Students’ Union and friends. I am grateful to them all.   

Winning a scholarship from the Student Potential Fund has taught me a lot of things as well as helping me achieve my goals. Coming to university, I had one mindset; to pass and get a job afterwards. However, upon receiving funding, I gained the confidence to apply for other opportunities I could apply for and, I am now a Student Ambassador, Course Rep (2 years running) and I recently won overall Course Rep of the Year (the photo is of me at the awards ceremony in 2022).

I also participated in the Wellbeing Champions program, all of which would have been impossible if not for the support I received.   

To donors, thank you for your support, but I believe it does not end here. With the reasons mentioned above, I am confident that more students will benefit. Your donations have kept me going and I hope my story inspires you to do more.   

I belong at Brighton.

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