Field trip to Sicily 2023 – days one and two

Our level 5 Geography BSc(Hons) and Environmental Sciences BSc(Hons) students visited Sicily on a week-long field trip. Environmental Sciences BSc(Hons) student and (we think) brilliant photographer, Lizzie Pallett, documented the trip.

Day one – Lava fields of Mount Etna

Day one of the Level 5 field trip to Sicily! First stop: the lava fields of Mt Etna.

Traversing the snow dusted lava fields of Etna with Boris as our guide, sharing his expertise and passion for all things volcanic. What an excellent day!

Seeing her changing eruptive styles first-hand as we explored the historic cones and caves that pepper Etna’s flanks. With stunning views, perfect weather, and honey tasting of course!

Day 2 Water quality testing along the Sicilian coast

Let by Professor James Ebdon, we spent the day taking samples of the bathing waters at various sites, using probes to determine a variety of variables such as GPS, salinity and pH. Another fab day!

Water day continued: using a novel method to create our own agar plates, making the process of colony growth and counting much simpler! Looking forward to seeing the results after James Ebdon incubates these in his hotel room, enduring the smell for us all 😉

An appreciation to wrap up day two for the awesome pillow lavas and the Norman castle sitting atop them in Aci Castello 🙂

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