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Saturday science club gets up close to nature

Students from years 8, 9 and 10 at local schools took part in our Saturday Science clubs, giving a taster of what it’s like to study science-based subjects at university.

The club ran over four Saturdays, with experiments, talks, hands-on practical work in the lab and the opportunity to chat to our students and staff. The theme, Enchanted Earth – a study of nature up close, introduced the students to subjects including biological sciences, biomedical science, ecology and conservation, geography and environment.

Our ambassadors play an important role in the club, supporting lecturers and making sure the students have fun learning and discover more about what it’s like to be a science student.

Seniz, who is studying Ecology and Conservation MSci explains what she enjoyed about her role at the club, “I particularly wanted to get involved because it featured an ecology session. I had a great time getting to know the students and getting involved in the activities. For example, learning about wildlife crime and extracting DNA from strawberries.

There were times I wished I was one of the students, for example when they broke apart old mobile phones to demonstrate where parts had been sourced from. I was allowed to take part and take home a bag of fungi spores that will produce mushrooms for me in a few weeks!

As ambassadors we talked to the students about how we chose our courses, and what we enjoyed, but also letting the students know that life isn’t always straightforward so it’s not the be all and end all if they aren’t sure what they want to pursue just yet.”

Phoebe, who is studying Biological Sciences BSc(Hons) explains why she got involved and what she enjoyed most, “I got involved in Saturday Club via my job as a student ambassador, I wanted to do it as it sounded interesting with lecturers putting on fun sessions to introduce them to the sciences.

As ambassadors we ran campus tours, student life talks and helped the attendees with all the labs we were doing. For example, we broke apart old phones, looked into strawberry DNA, made our own mushroom kits and looked at our own hair under a microscope.

I also spoke to the kids about my course and about uni life in general, and gave advice where they asked for it. The thing I enjoyed most was interacting with the kids, they were very bright and it was cool to see them as intrigued with science as I am.”

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