Welcoming our first cohort of Global Fellows

The Global Fellowship Scheme provides prestigious awards to enable world-leading researchers and scholars from around the globe to spend between one and three months at the University of Brighton. During this time, they will be able to engage in productive research and build lasting collaborations.

Global Fellows will work in partnerships with University of Brighton colleagues on a joint grant application, produce a co-authored output or co-produced artefact, and share research skills and experience with researchers within our Centres of Research and Knowledge Exchange Excellence and postgraduate students.

We are looking forward to welcoming Professor Alexies Dagnino, University of Valparaiso, Chile in June, who will be collaborating with Dr Melanie Flint.

Professor Alexies Dagnino is a Chilean stress neurobiology researcher. He was awarded a BSc in Biochemistry (1999) and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (2003). As Professor at the University of Valparaiso in Chile, his current research is focused on understanding the neurobiology of stress resilience and mental disorders. Specifically, he studies the role of stress hormones on neuroinflammation and their impact on resilience. His greatest experience in this field has been at a pre-clinical level and he has commenced studies on stress in humans.

Objectives of the Fellowship

This Fellowship will address the global challenge of improving health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on investigating the links between stress and disease. The work is likely to have wide appeal given its study of both physical and mental health. Professor Dagnino will collaborate with Dr Melanie Flint and other researchers on evaluating whether stress resilience can modulate the development of cancer metastasis, aiming to publish in either Breast Cancer Research or Brain Behavior and Immunity, as well as submitting joint grant applications to the Medical Research Council.

Working primarily with the Centre for Stress and Age-Related Disease (STRAND), Centre of Resilience for Social Justice (CRSJ) and the Brighton and Sussex Health Research Partnership (HRP), the work is also likely to interest colleagues in Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) and other Centres of Research and Knowledge Exchange Excellence. In-person workshops, expert discussions and a lunch-and-learn seminar series will ensure postdoc and postgraduate researcher engagement, and student exchanges with the University of Valparaiso in Chile will be explored.

More about the University of Brighton Global Fellowship Scheme

The Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategic Plan 2022-2025 outlines our aim to promote excellence, recognise and nurture talent, invest in sustained impact, and grow our international collaborations during this period. As part of this distinctive agenda, the University of Brighton Global Fellowship Scheme is aimed at world-leading researchers and scholars who are making a significant impact, and who have, or are developing, a distinguished research record.

In addition, the selected applicants demonstrated a strong interest in long-term collaborative partnerships with University of Brighton researchers and in enriching the University’s intellectual environment. We welcome the following Global Fellows.

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