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My kids are so so proud of me

The Brighton Effect is that ripple of energy that grows with you during your time at the University of Brighton, and throughout your life. Uniquely individual, you carry it with you through time, careers, passions, curiosities, travel, discoveries, teaching and learnings. We spoke to Meghann Creffield, who graduated in 2020 with a degree in Applied Biomedical Science (BSc) through the degree apprenticeship route, to find out about her Brighton Effect story.

Meghann is a Biomedical Scientist, working in her local hospital’s Biochemistry department. “Becoming a Biomedical Scientist has been a dream of mine for a very long time […] I was very lucky to be granted an award for outstanding contribution to an employer by an employee. This award was granted to me for research I was facilitated to do at the Royal Sussex County Hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic. I helped implement a test in the biochemistry department that helps with the care of Covid positive patients. I was incredibly proud to win an award for the work I did in my degree. My kids were so so proud of me that they put a newspaper clipping about the award on the fridge!”

When asked what advice or wisdom she would share, following completion of her degree and her time since graduating, Meghann said: “It’s never too late! I did badly in school, then had my children young. I had to start over with my education part time in my 20s and I didn’t graduate university until I was 35. Now I have a stable career as a scientist and I even won an award for my dissertation. It’s never too late to start a career or follow up on something you think you missed out on.”

Find out about about Meghann’s award here.

Throughout March and April 2023, we’re asking alumni of the University of Brighton to take part in our Brighton Effect campaign by sending in their own story of success. No matter how big or small, every story counts and we would love to hear them. Find out more about our Brighton Effect campaign and how you can submit your story on our campaign page.

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