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A few things about what it’s like to be a Polish student in Brighton

Hi! My name is Sandra and I originally come from Warsaw, Poland. I’m currently a final year Biological Sciences BSc(Hons) student and for my pre-university education, I obtained International Baccalaureate in a bilingual school in Warsaw.

How did you hear about the University of Brighton?
The high school I attended had a Brighton University prospectus, which I was able to have a look at. Additionally, I attended a small-scale university educational event happening in my city where I found a bit more in-depth information about the university.

Why did you choose the University of Brighton?
I decided to choose Brighton, because of the structure of the Biological Sciences BSc(Hons) course. This allowed me to explore marine, human and animal biology in more depth. Additionally, I don’t think there is a better place to study Marine biology than right by the sea, which has been confirmed by multiple field trips I’ve attended in order to carry out research in a local coastal environment.

What is your favourite thing about your course?
I love the fact that my course has a lot of practical elements scheduled throughout. This makes me confident in having a wide range of employable skills that will be useful when starting my career. Additionally, this course helped me figure out what area I want to focus my career on, which has been very difficult for me to do before attending the university.

What is your favourite thing about the city of Brighton?
Probably my favourite part of the city is the Lanes and the seafront. The Lanes are full of small business shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs, so they never get boring. Whilst, in situations where I need to have a break and recharge with positive energy, I always find a walk by the seafront does the job.

What do you plan on doing after your studies?
At the moment my plan is to go into further education. I’ve decided I want to do an MSc in Biotechnology with Management, as I enjoy the organisational and business aspect of the Biotechnology industry.

Why do you think studying abroad was the right choice for you?
I think that one of the best things that living abroad has taught me is independence. Since I had to learn a lot of adult things on my own such as setting up a bank account or how to apply for permission to work, I feel more confident in being able to deal with such things in the future. Additionally, travelling back and forth between home and university was not so easy for me and required a long multistep journey I learned how to cope with homesickness.

What’s the main difference between studying in Poland and studying in Brighton?
I’d say the first and probably most obvious difference between studying here and in my home country is that the degree is taught in English. I believe that studying here has improved my English communicational skills. Moreover, there are a lot more degree opportunities in Brighton as they offer a wide range of courses, that I didn’t even know existed before coming here.

Do you have any tips for students from Poland who are considering studying in Brighton?
Try and visit Brighton and explore before essentially coming here to study. It’ll definitely boost your confidence and you’ll be able to have a feel for the area early on. Moreover, don’t be afraid to reach out to the university if you have any doubts or questions. I found that they’ve been very helpful, especially when I needed help with finding accommodation before coming to study here.

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