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My journey from degree to Marine Biogeochemist

David Hughes graduated in 2017 from Environmental Sciences BSc(Hons). He now works as a Marine Biogeochemist for Cefas, the (Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science)

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For me, one of the biggest attractions of studying at Brighton was the flexibility of the course. The option to choose from a variety of modules across themes meant that I was able to tailor my degree to my own interests. The course had the perfect balance between theoretical and practical learning. There was a strong emphasis on lab and fieldwork, while key theoretical concepts were delivered effectively in lectures and seminars.

Even as a mature student, I found that there were activities and events to suit everyone. Campus activities allowed me to gain confidence and solidify friendships with fellow students, many of which continue to this day. The best advice I can give is to follow your own interests and think about the range of skills you can achieve across themes! It may seem daunting to know which path to follow, but the introductory modules are a great way of seeking out areas that you enjoy.

My job involves marine monitoring and research, including seafaring on research vessels and laboratory analysis. I really enjoy having a varied scientific job role, allowing me to work on numerous projects and collaborate with many scientific partners. I have taken forward a great range of skills I learned at the University of Brighton. The practical elements have helped me to excel in the workplace, along with essential skills in data analysis and presentation. I learned effective science communication, as well as strong research and academic writing skills.

The alumni network not only allows me to keep up with fellow students from my cohort, but also provides the opportunity to share advice and updates with current students and staff.

Brighton is a fun and vibrant city with something to offer everyone. There is a strong sense of community which celebrates diversity and individual expression. Studying at Brighton offers the opportunity to gain a degree designed around your own interests. A perfect mix of vibrant atmosphere and high-quality education that offers everybody the opportunity to succeed.

Whether sat on top of Mount Etna, or waiting in line to submit a dissertation, my happiest memories were made with my fellows students. The support and camaraderie of the cohort helped to drive individual success through discussion, encouragement and challenging of ideas. And the support from staff (both course-specific and for other needs) was excellent. Never be afraid to seek support when needed!

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