Groups of students on a trip to Wilderness Woods

Venturing into the wilderness

Wilderness Woods is just 25 minutes from our Moulsecoomb campus and a great place for our Biological Sciences students to get out and about and put theory into practice. Third year student, Hattie, told us about a recent trip, and life as a student at Brighton.

“Wilderness Woods was a great place to visit and feel closer to nature and see, in action, the things we have been learning about. It was a beautiful location, right in the heart of the woods.

We went in November and learnt all about mushrooms, their related biology, which species were safe to pick and eat – and which ones were not! It related to several of our modules and I most enjoyed gaining more practical knowledge about fungi and how they are used in every day life. It was great fun to get to lick the milk of the mushroom to test if we picked a sweet or sour species!

I have always been drawn to Brighton as a city so when I completed my A-levels I saw that the university was offering the exact course I wanted (covering all areas of biology) – so I applied!

The friends I have made on my course and my tutors, who have continuously supported and encouraged me throughout my years at Brighton uni make me feel studying at Brighton was the right choice. Dr Ian Cooper and Dr Nadia Terrazzini have had strong impressions of me (even though they most likely don’t realise it). Their teaching and their projects outside of university have been inspiring to me and many of my peers.

I would highly recommend this course as it is diverse and offers opportunity to choose which route you’d like to  go down, ie. human or plant biology. My favourite modules have been the Human Physiology modules, alongside Microbiology.

I felt amazing when I got accepted and it has been even better than I could’ve imagined. There are so many opportunities and events all year round. I would stay forever if I could!”

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