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Bringing regeneration plans to life

Find out how gaining her Geography BA(Hons) in 2018 led Jen to planning and delivering regeneration programmes in town centres, and what advice she has about life as a Brighton student.

Things that helped me to choose Geography at the University of Brighton were the enthusiastic lecturers, diverse course content, unique field trips, and location of the Uni itself.

The best things about my course were the field trips and the interesting modules. I was also involved in the food co-op – it taught me about the importance of buying local. I also worked at open days for the Uni; this gave me experience of working in an office environment.

As part of my course I undertook modules on city development and planning; these gave me an insight into what ‘works’ and what doesn’t in the world of planning and regeneration, as well as an understanding of planning law and guidance. I am now a High Streets Recovery Project Officer at the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames council, which entails planning and delivering regeneration programmes and activities in town centres. What I enjoy most is seeing the plans you have spent a lot of time on come to life.

When it comes to your dissertation, write about a topic you are passionate about – this will make it so much easier, and you won’t find it as difficult writing it. I did a regeneration case study, as this was the area of Geography that interested me the most, and I found that as I was invested in the topic, the dissertation was easier for me to write and focus my time on.

I can’t think of a better, more exciting place to study – you have the South Downs and a City on your doorstep, as well as a beach. There’s a really diverse mix of people and things to do, so you’ll easily find likeminded people and something to do.

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