Female student carrying out an experiment in the lab using a box-like equipment

It’s good to be back in the lab

We’re really pleased to welcome our Pharmacy students back in to the lab this term. Working with Covid guidelines in place, our new first year students got off to a flying start with their first practical session, introducing them to key laboratory skills.

The lab develops skills relating to weighing, preparation and dilution of a solution titration, covering things such as how to prepare glassware for use in analytical operations, prepare and dilute a solution, understand the principles of an acid/base titration, gain experience in pharmaceutical and analytical calculations, gain experience in precise and accurate analytical operations and be aware of the legal limits allowed for pharmacopoeial analyses, and relate this to the high precision and accuracy required in the assays.

Students work individually but on the same activity: making up and analysing sodium bicarbonate infusions that could be used to treat conditions like metabolic acidosis where the blood and other tissues are too acidic.

Dr Matt Ingram, Principal Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences, explains why he’s pleased to see students back in the lab, “It is great to be doing laboratory work with students. Face to face teaching is an essential activity for vocational courses like Pharmacy. With the COVID safety protocols in place it felt a very safe environment, and I think both staff and students get a lot out of these sessions.”

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