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Accepted on a placement with Field Studies Council!

Hello, I’m Ella Scott and I am a third year student at University of Brighton, studying Ecology and Conservation. For my third year I have chosen to do a placement year and have been accepted and offered a placement with the field studies council, Field Studies Council (FSC) Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales national park. 

The FSC is an organisation with multiple sections of focus, providing tools for people to connect with nature (ID guides) and providing educational opportunities for people of all ages, with a focus on inspiring young people to be interested in nature and wildlife, aiming to inspire and share knowledge. This comes through field courses, online resources, residential trips and specialised courses. 

And perhaps most importantly, the FSC recognise the urgency of the current climate and ecological emergency that our generation faces and aims to set an example for businesses and to inspire change, hoping to reach out to everyone and influence behaviour towards wildlife. They have also done this by setting out a vision for 2025, with targets and ambitions to further engage more people and create a high standard of ‘green’ practice. 

I am so excited to start this adventure, to learn new things and develop my personal repertoire of knowledge and experiences that will enrich my degree and help with my dissertation next year. 

’Create outstanding opportunities that inspire everyone to engage and care for the environment’ -FSC 

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