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Getting into university through Clearing: How I did it

Most of my decisions regarding university have been driven by gut feelings. After A-levels I was struggling to decide between psychology and geography as I had loved both subjects. I had no idea what career I wanted so I went with Geography because it’s a much broader discipline, so I’d be able to specialise and make up my mind as I went.

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Choosing a course in Clearing – how I did it

I didn’t apply to university as I intended to take a gap year – I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to study so planned to take a year out to think about it. I changed my mind a few weeks before results day so I started researching and narrowed down a few courses and universities that I was interested in. 

Choosing a course in Clearing

I chose Biomedical Science because I wanted to study a science degree, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to specialise in. It’s a very broad degree, so it allowed me to develop a strong background in case I wanted to go onto more specialised study after my degree. Continue reading “Choosing a course in Clearing – how I did it”

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What I’ve found

Sophie has just finished her second year of Geography with Archaeology BSc(Hons). She tells us a bit about her course.

“I was comparing universities, and Brighton really stuck out because course structure was is amazing! In the first year we have only geography modules with a few archaeology talks, trips, and lectures. In the second year we really start getting into archaeology and there are residential trips such as Norfolk in the first year and Sicily in the second year. We almost have a trip every week in second year, going to museums and archaeological sites.  Continue reading “What I’ve found”

Brighton’s pioneering research examining men’s unwanted sexual experiences

University of Brighton is running a groundbreaking research project spotlighting the widely overlooked area of men’s unwanted sexual experiences (MUSE).

Dr Carl Bonner Thompson and Dr Kirsty McGregor
Dr Carl Bonner-Thompson (left) and Dr Kirsty McGregor

Led by Dr Carl Bonner-Thompson and Dr Kirsty McGregor, MUSE is speaking to some of the many men who have had unwanted sexual experiences at some point in their life, focusing initially on the London and South East region – though there are plans to expand nationally.

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