Basically, a website is developed to make the company more famous, to advertise, to present the products and/or services the company provides. It’s a real business tool and it must be visible and accessible to be profitable.

Worldia is a travel agency that provides “made to measure travels”. Through its website, Worldia presents the way how to “make” your trip, there are some selections of different trip around the world that are kind of popular.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "worldia"orldia, planifiez un voyage à votre image.

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At the end of the website page, there is a section where we can see clients commenting and graduating the agency, giving their opinion about Worldia. The website informes well on what Worldia does, the team is also presented and every members of the agency is represented with funny and unusual pictures. We can personalize our trip from the beginning to the end or see some examples of trips through different filters: themes and destinations to get inspiration. Finally, they have a very large range of trips: more than 500 trips made to measure with some activities included, as well as airport transferts, accommodations …

Overall we can see the attractiveness of the website, especially with the comments of clients ; the images, photos they put with many colors : it makes us want to travel everywhere ! Also, the icons they use to Résultat de recherche d'images pour "worldia voyage"describe the service’s operation are funny, simple and very colored. The last, but not least factor is the process to use their service is quite easy, the website explains it very well.

Worldia’s main clients are other travel agencies that have particular clients like families, group of friends … but everyone can be a client there, knowing that the mass market is in Europe for now. Generally families, young people are more targeted, but thanks to the personalization online, everyone can access it and make up his/her own trip.

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