Booth N. and Matic J.A. are now talking about the new “somebodies”, “influencers creating a revitalized level of brand awareness for companies”, instead of the “nobodies” of the past.

In this post, I will talk a little bit about influencers for the cosmetic brand Rituals.

The first social media, to my mind, where influencers can express themselves and actually “influence” other people is YouTube. It is where I have found Rituals’ influencers: Ludivine Aubourg (French), Kamilya Lutetia (French), Michele Yusufi (American). They talk about Rituals in their videos, and how they like the brand.

An efficient way to measure their influence is the number of followers they have and the number of views their videos generate. First, Ludivine Aubourg’s video has generated 73 827 views and she has 72 102 followers. Then as for Michele Yusufi, her video about Rituals has currently 14 760 views and she has 4 818 followers. Finally, Kamilya Lutetia’s video generated 11 392 views and she has 11 796 followers.

These figures show they are quite influent, especially Ludivine with its more than 72000 followers.

However, a critical comment I would give is that it’s not just about quantity, it’s also about the quality of the videos. As an example, Ludivine has less videos (102) than Michele (133), but more followers.

Another important aspect for the brand is choosing influencers from various countries. This way the brand’s visibility will be better.

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