Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers.

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For the travel industry, I tried to find out the perfect customer :

BACKGROUND: Project manager in a cosmetic brand // Started as marketing assistant // Mother of 2 children

DEMOGRAPHICS: Female // 38 years old // 4000€ per month / 50000€ annual income // Paris suburban

IDENTIFIERS: Calm demeanor // Communicates through cell phone (voice messages), internet (emails) // Prefer to print important things received by email

GOALS: To make her family happy // Please her children and her husband // Pass on her love for travelling to her children

CHALLENGES: Find the time to prepare holidays // Make a precise budget

WHAT CAN  WE DO: Searching for accommodations // Searching for activities that would please the entire family // Make the travel plan, transfer from the airport …

REAL QUOTES: “My job takes me time that I don’t have to plan holidays” // “I love travelling, I’ve done it my whole life and I wish I visit a different country with my family every year during summer break” // “We have a substantial budget with my husband but not the time to search for accommodations, travel plans…”

COMMON OBJECTIONS: It’s more expensive than planning a trip by my own // Would it really be what I want?

MARKETING MESSAGING: We will take care of the accommodations, we’ll find the best activities for both parents and children // we’ll plan the entire trip for you // Time saving trick // Trip “made to measure”, totally personalised

ELEVATOR PITCH: We can provide a entire searching service for you, finding the best accommodations, activities, travel plan (e.g. airport transfer) depending on your budget, your wishes, and your availability. Just relax and dream of your future holidays wherever you want.

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