working with my third year

 working with my third year


My third year, Cerys Matthews has created a brand and website that sells reworked clothing called Zesty Reworks. Cerys has collaborated with the vintage brand Lautoka Vintage for her first collection, Cerys takes the clothes that Lautoka can not sell due to damage, fake branding or other causes that make it un-ethical to sell. Cerys works with lots of friends and students that have the skills to turn the clothing into something that can be sold.

One of my first tasks was to attend Cerys’ catwalk (figure 1), this was a catwalk to showcase all her finished projects. The catwalk took place at The Level skatepark (Brighton), for. This event I was asked to film and take photos, this later will be used to advertise the clothing made. I really enjoyed this event as I got to meet all the people who have been involved in Zesty. I was able to get more of an insight into where their ideas came from and the process of how they made their garments

The next task Cerys asked me to do was one of the biggest I had while doing this module. The project was to create a Zine that would later be put on her website with all her clothing. Cerys and I worked together closely to establish the way she wanted to have her zine look like. I sent lots of pictures from Pinterest (figure 2) and was able to get a good idea of the style Cerys liked.

On the first page (figure 3) I wanted the background to complement the colours from the logo as well as being a bold colour, I felt that the pink colour did this well while not being too vibrant and distracting. I had “Zesty Reworks” in a bold black font as I wanted the brands name to be the first text to see. Underneath I have “collection one” in a white border, I wanted this to be on the front page as I felt it would be a helpful part for when the readers are trying to fine zines for certain collections.

On the first double page spread (figure 4) I have a small bit of information just letting the reader know what Zesty Reworks is and why the brand is doing what it. I felt it was important to include a page like this as a lot of the text within my zine is talking about the effect of un environmentally friendly clothing. I have the background colour as black to make the text look bold and I thought it would make the colours of the logo stand out.

On the second double page spread I have a close-up image of my female model (figure 5). I was inspired to do a close-up as when I was working with Cerys, we really liked the style of one of the images from Pinterest (figure 6). I wanted to replicate this by also using font that looked handwritten, I did this by downloading a font from “Dafont” that I thought gave this look. I wanted to do it in this way as it made it look like the model is personally giving you this information.

On the second page (figure 7) of my first double page spread I have an image from my second photoshoot. For this photoshoot I planned to do it later at night, I wanted to use this project as a way of experimenting with my camera. When taking the photo, I used the flash to get the outcomes affect. I had the model pose facing away from the camera as there is a lot going on in this image. When editing I added some smaller images from the same photoshoot and edited some tape around them. I was trying to get a scrapbook effect, as Cerys liked the example images that had this effect. Finally, I added some text to the other side I thought it would look more unique if it was landscape. I had this in a pink colour as it looked bold on the dark images.

I really liked the outcome of the images together (figure 8), I think the two pages contrast each other well and have lots of relevant information.

On the next double page spread I have two images from my third photoshoot (figure 9). I edited these images in black and white as I had I lot of colours on the first double page spread. For the first image I added a white boarder, that way the images are all different and the reader will see something new on each page.

On the next double page spread (figure 10) I have done a similar layout to the first double page. I have started with a close-up image again, although this image the model is a lot happier. I have done this as the text is a more positive attitude towards climate change, The text is different ways to make a positive impact.

On the second page (figure 11) I have used another photo from my second photoshoot. I liked the outcome of my first photo shoot, so I used the same text and colour, I think the pink works well on the dark background.

On the next double page spread (figure 12) I wanted to try working with a film camera. To get the effect of the bright photo I had the camera flash on. I really liked the outcome of these images I think they are unique and fit into Cerys’ aesthetic very well. On the second page I added a boarder, so the images were not too much when next to each other.

Finally, the last double page spread (figure 13) I used my images from my second photoshoot. I tried working with lower angels to take advantage of the environment. On the second image I added the last bit of text in a white font as it stood out on the black background.

I really enjoyed this part of the project as I was given lots of freedom when doing this task. I was in control of the photoshoots, models, locations, editing as well as the text within the zine. I feel I have made a zine that would interest Cerys’ target audience, I used example images to inspire me and make sure I was creating something Cerys would like. Overall, I have create a zine that gives Cerys customers an insight into why them buying from her brand in making a difference as well as information of the background of the brand.

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Overall, I have loved working with group! I think everyone is so creative and I see them all doing amazing things in the future. I think Abbie was an amazing art director and I found myself really valuing her opinions on my work. As well as Steph always being so supportive and making sure everyone is dealing with the work okay. Everyone worked together to create amazing photography and it has all come together really well. I hope I have made a good social media that showcases everyones hard work and efforts.

I feel that I have improved myself from last year and have put a lot of effort into this project. If I could improve I would have wanted to work on the website more and added more posts to the instagram. Even though my fashion film didn’t go to plan I love that I could include the interview to make our website articles more accessible for our audience. Luckily, we had content that Jason had edited to showcase that side of our magazine but I would have loved to be able to work together in making the Wes Anderson styled film.

I feel that I have learnt so much from this project. I started not knowing how to use Indesign, Premier Pro or Premier Rush to having made work on all of them. I want to carry on learning to make my work in the future even better.

When doing the instagram I used an app called “feed preview” this allowed me to see how all my images would look once they had all been posted. I found this really helpful as I felt that the way instagram looked was really important. The app allows you to move images around so I was able to get a good idea of how the overall feed would look.

I decided adding poems would bring that authentic feel that Steph has created in the magazine. As well as that I added the chapters from the magazine as the profile pictures for the highlights. I’m really happy with how the Instagram is looking and I feel that I have successfully been able to showcase our work while also showing our tone and what we’re trying to create.


When doing our Tiktok account I felt a lot less pressure to make the feed look as good as the Instagram and just create as much content as possible. I tried following trends that I saw were popular to get our work on the right algorithm for people to then go to our Instagram. After making the Tiktok account I did notice us getting more followers and it bringing more creatives that we were aiming our work at in our other social medias.


tiktok – @lakebed_magazine

instagram- @lakebedmag


Reflecting on this website I feel that I have done what I set out to achieve however, I believe that with more time I could have created an even better website. I feel like this because this is my very first time creating a website and without a template from Cargo’s site, at the start of creating this website I thought that you had to buy a template therefore I began without one. I think that although improvements could have been made with more time I am happy with my research however, I do not feel like I executed it the way I had originally hoped to.

Research and develop your understanding of the purpose of the editorial policy and

readership, compare and contrast with the editorial market.


“Editorial content is content that is not explicitly aimed at selling something”

Editorial content is effective because it creates a voice for your brand that connects with consumers.

Unlike the traditional language of advertising, aimed at convincing consumers of what they need, editorial content is written from your brand’s unique voice, and it conveys expert information and opinions.

Editorial content is launched from your brand’s identity. And according to Forbes, strengthening this identity through editorial content has a powerful effect on consumers: “Not only does it boost your overall presence, but it creates content to share on social channels and fosters a more personal identity that your consumers can relate to.”

33% of Millennials have made a purchase based on a sponsored post

Editorial may be viewed as more authentic than advertorial content, and in addition, often contains information that the consumer wants or needs.

Fashion editorials have been around since late 1600’s, these were booklets of relevant information around the Elizabethan age. This then developed into “women’s diaries, gazelles, or pocket pamphlets with female-centric audience”

It wasn’t until 1732 when Edward Cave created the “gentleman’s magazine”. This is when publications started getting referred to as magazines.

Then during the Georgian era it started to develop into fashion magazines. They were made to “provide a form of escapism, enabling women to leave their roles as a wife or daughter”.

“On November 2, 1867 Harper & Brothers, a New York–based publishing firm run by siblings James, John, Joseph Wesley, and Fletcher Harper launched the first issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “A repository of fashion, pleasure, and instruction” is how Harper’s Bazaar described itself on the cover. Some years later, on December 17 1982,  the first issue of  American Vogue discovered the light of the day. The two publications became the leading voices in the fashion media sector and still remain strong players today.” Quote from Glam Observer.



The History of Fashion Magazines, how they operate and what has changed

Demonstrate thorough understanding of the range of print, online and other platforms within high end contemporary editorial, and an understanding of advertorial.

I wanted to do some research into advertorial. “An advertorial is the name for an advertisement that’s written or produced in the form of editorial content. Generally, advertorials give author’s credit to the advertiser and indicate that the post is paid for or sponsored”. HubSpot states that “A good advertorial doesn’t clearly state that an advertiser made the post in the copy, but it also doesn’t hide that fact. An advertorial should provide the same high-quality content as a blog post or video but give a spotlight to the product being advertised”. To achieve something like this I think we could have our magazines in places such as where we have shot our photography. We have had some discussions of having a photoshoot at Stammer House. I think this would be a great opportunity if we gave them some of our magazines once they’re printed.

“Gain user-generated content from your audience. User-generated content is a fantastic content idea that gives a voice to satisfied customers to market your product from their point of view”.

Blog – YouTube vid HubSpot

Affiliate marketing – affiliate marketing is a method where a company uses a popular influencer as a way to promote their product.

Native advertising- to almost hide the fact they are advertising a product.


I found this video really helpful in understanding affiliate marketing and how it can promote our magazines and social medias.

Interview –

If your advertorial is a filmed interview with an industry thought leader, and your customers respond really well to video. You can post the advertorial on your social media accounts and boost the fact that you partnered with a publication to bring a new video to your audience.

Research the current editorial market.


I wanted to look into the current editorial market to see what is successful and how I can use these ideas to shape my own for our magazine. I firstly found an article that discusses what trends are becoming more popular within the industry. The article starts by stating a “growing demand for audiobooks and e-books” this made me think, is there a way we could have articles read to our audience? I feel this could be an effective method to also help our audience as we are targeting people with a busy schedule. The article later goes on to discuss “digital marketing” it goes on to say “Authors and publishers want to build long-term, ongoing relationships with their readers. Customers who are engaged like this are more likely to buy books in the future.” When our group first started coming up with our target audience, we wanted to sell our magazine to a more mature audience who are dealing with the stresses of life. I knew then for the age range we were discussing the online content would have to be as engaging as possible. The article gives an example of an author that emails his audience when he has new content being released. This is a method I would like to try, but I feel I need to be looking at more ways as I feel email is becoming more outdated. I think using social media such as TikTok showing sneak peaks of content would an effective way to draw people in. These apps have features such as hashtags that can get content on certain peoples ‘for you page’ which will be very helpful. TikTok is a great app for selling products to a certain audience I think using ‘sounds/ trends’ and using the algorithm on TikTok will allow more people to see our work.

Our magazine has a really strong selling point with the topic of freedom. We are here for people when they are finding areas in their life tough, so our social media has to showcase this. I want to make sure I am creating content in an authentic way. “Approximately 90 percent of consumers reported that authenticity played a factor in their shopping decisions, up from 86 percent in 2017” Stated in an article by digital media solutions. From this we need to be looking at ways to be actively engaging with our audience. This could be having a pop-up shops selling our magazine/ prints in locations we would find our audience in eg. Pub, café, so on. This would allow us to talk to our audience and even get their opinions and any suggestions they have.

Social media today claims that “Millennials, specifically, rely heavily on UGC (user-generated content) as a “good indicator” as to whether or not a brand or product is high-quality”. We have to advertise our magazine as something that will actually effect them and their everyday life.

According to one study by Cisco, “as much as 82% of online content will consist of videos this year.” The article states in many cases, video posts perform better than static photo posts on social media. 

I have decided to change my video idea. I have done some filming while at home but I don’t think it really correlates with the theme of coffee. I am a little disheartened as I have spend a lot of time going to different locations but it just wasn’t working out for my plan. I am hoping to still create something with what I made.

While at home for Christmas I went to lots of different places that I thought you would see in a Wes Anderson film. I am hoping to use the pictures in the website or maybe a instagram post. Honestly I feel as though I didn’t get a lot of help with the filming  and i’m a bit stuck on where I can use this content. I just feel that I have wasted a lot of time and effort with this and it might not even get used. To me I thought we could all work together on creating our fashion film but we just did the interview together. In every shoot we all work together and it always turns out amazing so I expected the same for this but unfortunately I just feel like its been left to me. I am feeling a lot pressure to now get something else done but I feel like I am running out of time.

I feel a bit stuck as I could of spent this time on the website but I still haven’t had any articles and I’m not sure what they’re about so I don’t know what photos to use. I am going to talk to Abbie about how everything is going and see what she thinks and if we could incorporate any of this work. I don’t think we will use it but I still want to experiment and see if I can create anything. I’m feeling a bit uninspired at the moment and as if I’m really behind on everything. I want to start looking at other websites in my sketchbook and maybe look at magazine layouts to try get some more ideas for the website.


best photos from shoot :





















Today was the day we shot the interview for the , for it I was hoping it would be in the background of our Wes Anderson themed video. honestly we didn’t go off to a good start, the original location we were going to use ended up not being available for us to use. I originally planned for us to film it in a cafe but we found out on the day that we were unable to film there. My initial plan was to have the interview in a café to create that authentic feel that I was hoping to portray. to get filming done as quickly as possible we found a new location to film and started planning some quick changes. I had messaged everyone involved in the filming today the concept and how I wanted it to look. I asked Elliot to come up with some talking points and questions for our guest. I originally planned for the video to have two people talking about everyday issues. To my surprise the interview ended up being about our guests experience in the coffee business. I was a bit confused by this as I hadn’t actually been told this.

I think I will be able to still create some kind of video in a Wes Anderson theme, but i feel like I am going to have to make a lot of changes. I will be honest I was a little disappointed as I was so excited to film it with everyone but hopefully we can still make something good. I feel like our group sometimes struggles with communication, I feel the it was important for me to know if they changed the interview as I had done lots of planning going towards it and feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time.

here was my original plan for the video.